Overview of Data Storage

Overview of Data Storage


Data Storage is a collection of digital information and the ability to retain the data and there is a most prevalent form of data storage that is file storage, block storage, and object storage. It includes cache memory, dynamic RAM, or Main memory. Data in the form of bits and bytes behind the application, documents, network protocol, and more. Now a day’s data is everything, data has become the most important role in our like. Every day millions of data are stored. In previous days we used to store the data cd rom then floppy disk then the memory card the pen drives but now a day every this is online. our data are stored in the cloud, the benefits of cloud storage are that we can access our data from anywhere over the world.

Importance of Data


Data is very important in every field because of it helps us to grow and understand and improve business processes so we can reduce wasted money and time. Data allow us to monitor the health of important systems, and data also help us to determine the cause of problems in the organization. Data empower us to make informed decisions. Data gives us justification and evidence; data allow us to develop accurate theories and data help us to identify short terms problems. It is very important in the crime scene and data to help us to build a relationship with the customer and it also improves the efficiency of the organization, increases performance. The main point which comes under data is security, data security is very important because if data get leaked of any origination then anyone can misuse of data, and also data can get modified. Data management is a very important role because proper data management help ensure that our information stays secure and never ends up in the wrong hand.



Data growth increasing in every second, according to research in a year the accumulated world data will grow up to 44 zettabytes. Comparing today Data growth is 4.4 zettabytes, the data is growing due to mobile traffics, cloud-computing traffic and burgeoning development and adoption of technologies including IoT and AI. We know that how data is important now a days, 50 % of data are stored on cloud because of that the traffic are increasing daily. there are many datacenters all over the world, to handle the incoming data traffics or to handle the data, because we know that for today generation social networking is very important over 2 billion photos and videos are shared daily on what’s app, snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr.

Flickr 1,000,000

Facebook 400,000,000

Instagram 70,000,000

Snapchat 760,000,000

WhatsApp 700,000,000

Data growth will never decrease it always increase because day by day user are increasing and getting new platform to store data.

Demand on Data


Now a day’s demand of data is a strategy to identify opportunities and constraints to effective and strategic data collection, analysis and availability. Data demands are in everywhere in daily life like, mobile map and gps, online shopping, urban planning, energy consumption and wearable. Now a days the Big Data allows for the continuous improvement of mobile mapping. Since the (IoT) Internet of Things is something that improves the more it is used, with the introduction of more mobile apps and more smartphones as well as the liberalization, the amount of Big Data that goes into providing accurate real time directions is staggering.

Since the growth of Big Data in retail, the entire industry is fully changing. Retailers use large Data from the moment you begin your search through targeted advertisements all the way to the delivery of your parcel, in Amazon’s case even placing the package inside your home with its new services of Amazon Key. Of course, large Data is present with online shopping in that your tendencies are being noted by web browsers, maybe even with GPS as well, to target you with effective advertisements.

Storage Evolution


In earliest time the storage devices capacity is 3.75 mb and its cost is $3200 on a lease. But now we are getting very in cheapest rate and affordable also.

Floppy disk designed to store text and image documents; the storage capacity of a floppy is just 1.4 MB. While it may be a minuscule storage space, compared to the other devices that we use today; it was sufficient for the period since the information stored on the drive was limited. Computers, laptops and even game consoles are from olden times, consist of a floppy disk drive. But today now a days it’s rarely used or seen.

In 1982, the people had more data that needed to be stored, and CD-ROMs helped serve their need. The ROM stand for Read-Only Memory, that means the data can be read but can’t be written or erased. This is revolutionary, because other than computer data, audio files could be stored using CD player. It contains up to 680 MB of storage space and can store software also.

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